“I pay attention to the order and the randomness of organic growth in the garden. This natural cycle continues in my painting as I allow the paint to flow naturally as a statement of the medium.”


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Tony Kristopaitis in his studio


Tony Kristopaitis was born in Vancouver, BC in 1965 where he currently resides. He studied at Emily Carr University, majoring in painting and sculpture. Tony begins his work by drawing in order to work out the composition using a variety of media from drawing tools to oils, acrylics and wax. He is trained in glass which influences his interest in transparency through the wax layering of his canvases and by the medium of resin in his sculptural pieces. His sculptures lend themselves as stand alone fine art work to sculptural resin pieces. Tony has a passion for gardening, the forest and layers of underwater riverbeds which influences his work. The layering of foliage and flowers create an exciting and unpredictable process of pattern, colour and texture onto the canvas with unexpected discoveries when in the act of painting. Photographs capture the essence of the garden experience which translates into abstract and even surreal compositions.

Solo show at the State Gallery, Vancouver’s South Granville Gallery Row District. The gallery closed its doors in Feb. 2006 after 5 successful years.